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<GEN  Z: Challenge Me/> 2022


Individual report card and certificate will be emailed seperately. If you do not receive them by end of Sep 2022, please contact us at  9719 8356. 

No. of Shield (5) 

  • Tel: 9784xxxx Chiu Kai Wang Walter P3 

  • Tel: 9584xxxx Chiu Pak To P5 

  • Tel: 9700xxxx 鄧詩翰 P5

No. of Shield (4) 

  • Tel: 9168xxxx Yan Chi Shing P4

  • Tel: 9560xxxx 江林熹 P5

  • Tel: 5236xxxx Antony Shang P5

No. of Shield (3) 

  • Tel: 6409xxxx 馮卓勳 P5

  • Tel: 9149xxxx 黃鉦清 P4
  • Tel: 9488xxxx Chow Tsz Harm P3

  • Tel: 5622xxxx 黃心睿 P2

  • Tel: 6606xxxx 張梓軒P3

No. of Shield (2) 

  • Tel: 5606xxxx 許瑋倫 P4

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