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Robotics Age 8-16

Total 6 modules (12 classess / module)
Once or twice a week 
4-6 students in groups 
45 minutes / class

Unlock our students' potential! Invest in this course for your talented kid(s) to learn key and fundamental concepts of robotic and mechanic systems.

Robotics Age 8-16

Mechanic - Starter (Certificate)

Chapters including Gear, Pulley, Level, Magnet and Electricity. Student will be able to understand basic robotic systems and architecture theory. Course topics are "Mechnical Clock", "Auto Umbrella" and more!

Mechanic - Explorer (Certificate)

Chapters include light and sound sensors, LED, resistor and capacitor components. Students will be able to identify the basics of sensing and control in robotic applications. Course topics include LED screen project, keyboard principle and more!

Mechanic - Engineer (Certificate)

Chapers include electronic chips & boards. Students will be able to identify basic robotic subsystems and recognize how these subsystems work together to influence the function of greater robotic systems. Course topics include synchronised robot arms, develop robot dog and more!

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