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Coding Age 4-16

Total 6 modules (12 classess / module)
Once or twice a week 
4-6 children in groups 
45 minutes / class

Student study coding on tablets and in workbooks. Teachers conduct exercises and games for students to understand the basics of algorithms and coding. As student progress, they will create their own cartoons and computer games in groups or by him/herself. Students develop great logical and critical thinking which help them excel both at school and work in the future.

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For age 4-16

SCRATCH Coding Course (Certificate)

Fun and engaging. Student think, invent and design games using their own imagination. What are programed maze, roadblocks? Understanding Motion and Event. At the end of the course, student will create and present their own story project. They will be awarded with a certificate.

Minecraft Coding Course (Certificate)

Student set goals and search for ways to achieve them in Minecraft game form. They will learn how to think up algorithms, program cartoons and online games. This course requires students to work in team and present their interactive project at the end of course.

Python Programming Course (Certificate)

Learn Python programming from our US and UK graduated teachers. CRYSTAL STEAM's Python course covers everything from fundamental programming principles to advanced data structures and algorithms. Get started now!

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