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Web Development Age 12-18

Your teen shows interest in web development? Get him or her started in the discipline by learning basic web terms and technology - HTML and CSS, the building blocks of websites. After this course, our student will be able to create their own stylish and responsive web pages.

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Web Development for Teens

Intoduction to Web Development

This fundamental course provides essential knowledge and skills for designing, creating and publishing a static portfolio website. Learning keys include markup language concupt and HTML CSS Language Syntax.

User Side Web Programming

Students work through an example site using professional techniques from the user side on a topic of their choice. To add the finishing touch to their sites, JavaScript and JQuery are used to add sliders, animation, pop-up galleries and other slick features.

Server Side Web Programming

At the end of the course, students are ready to independently continue with front-end web development. And be able to program from the server side perspective. With practice they should be able to recreate the front-end of nearly any website or even their own designs.

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