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Coding Contest


Code, Build and 3D Print for Kids and Teens,

now available at our Center in Olympics, Kowloon!

CRYSTAL STEAM’s curriculum is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics- centric with core courses in Coding, Robotics and 3D printings. For children age from 4-16, CRYSTAL offers over 20 certified  courses led by highly qualified head teachers and consultants graduated from prestige colleges in the UK and US.


Flexible Curriculum 

Our curriculum considers the individual skills of each student. We encourage student to skip level if he/she is eager to explore ahead!

Open Competition 

Healthy class and open competition expand kids' comfort zone, inspire kids to do their best. They become more inquisitive to strive for a better result.

Highly Qualified Teachers 

Our teaching team is affectionate and always show love and patience to students. Our teachers all hold bachelor and master degrees with 10+ years of STEAM teaching experience.

Benefits School Result

Our classes develop a student's logical thinking and problem solving skills which benefits to other disciplines - maths, physics, chemistry and so on.

Gamified Lesson

Classes feature popular games and trends.  Kids are always interested in participating and be active in class.

Peer and Groups

We encourage students to work in group tasks and projects. In this way, they learn to communicate, breakdown problems, give feedback and explain their own ideas.

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Moments / Testimonials

Read what current students and parents have to say about their CRYSTAL STEAM experience.

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CRYSTAL STEAM's courses keep kids' great interest in learning. Teachers do not only just code and build. They integrate games, animates and stories in their classes. In this way, my kids' creativity and curiosity develops.

Chloe Cheng - from 3D Printing

What is STEAM?

Students visiting the Hong Kong science museum can use a new curriculum to learn about the famous skyscraper’s engineering, energy efficiency, and design. Nathan, a secondary school student at age 13 won a microbit challenge from an international competition with a solution he designed, after taking courses in robotics and coding.  

Projects like these erase the lines that traditionally divide academic subjects and give students a chance to combine concepts and knowledge from across different disciplines to create deeper understanding and solve real world problems through meaningful, egnaged learning. 


This type of learning also illustrates the growing popularity of STEAM Education. STEAM Education is an approach to teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math to guide student to ask question, solve problem and work in teams.

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